Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure LEEP for Abnormal Cervical Cell Changes

The loop electrosurgical excision processes (LEEP) Is a way to be able to abnormal tissue from the cervix. It is done using a fine wire loop that has a low voltage electrical current. LEEP may be done after colposcopy and cervical biopsy have attested an abnormal Pap test result. also, LEEP may be done instead of a cone biopsy.by way of LEEP, You will lie on your back with your feet supported by stirrups. a physician will use a speculum to gently spread apart the vaginal walls. This lets the doctor check the inside your vagina and your cervix. Medicine will be familiar with numb the cervix. You might be given pain medicine as a pill or into a vein (IV). Then the physician will use a wire loop to cut a thin layer of abnormal tissue from the cervix.LEEP is done in a surgeon’s office, A practice, Or a medical facility. It takes only a few minutes. You can go home after the treatment.What To Expect After SurgeryYou probably return to most of your normal activities in 1 to 3 days.maybe you have:Mild cramping for a few hours after the treatment.A dark brown vaginal discharge your first week.Vaginal discharge Cheap Jerseys or spotting for about 3 weeks.You will need to avoid sexual intercourse, Tampons, And douching Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping for 3 weeks.Call your doctor right away if you have problems after surgery, such like:Severe vaginal hemorrhage. meaning soaking through a pad each hour for 2 or more hours.Pain that does not get better after you take pain medicine.Signs of contamination. are available increasing pain, Vaginal generate that smells bad, And fever.Why It Is DoneLEEP are often used to treat cell changes on the cervix.LEEP can also help to identify abnormal cells. The tissue that is taken away during LEEP can be checked for abnormal cell changes or cancer.How Well It WorksLEEP is highly to treat abnormal cell changes on the cervix.Rare problems include infection of the cervix or uterus and narrowing of the cervix that might make it hard to get pregnant.What To Think AboutLEEP works Online Chinese Cheap Jerseys – Factory Jerseys Wholesale Outlet as well as other treatments for abnormal cervical cells. These blinds include cone biopsy, icy the abnormal cells (Cryotherapy), And using a laser to destroy or remove them. LEEP is easier to do than cone biopsy or carbon dioxide laser facial treatment.

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